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Using vlan tagging with OpenIndiana and Juniper switches

Setting up VLANs with OpenIndiana is shockingly simple. I will show you how to do it. My environment already uses link aggregated groups (LAGs). I use Juniper EX4200 switches set up in virtual switch(es). The two gigE links from the … Continue reading

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ZFS: Performance Tuning for Scrubs and Resilvers

My environment is write heavy. I have hundreds of millions of phones sending me events continously. They are like billions and billions of star like bubbles invading my spinning rust. Consequently, when a disk fails or takes on excessive CRC … Continue reading

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Reconfiguring OI/Solaris 11 for full reboot instead of Fast Reboot

Buried deep in the repository is an entry named ‘boot-config.’ This control how your system reboots when you type ‘reboot.’ Sounds simple right? Good. The svcs(1) reports the service as follows: jason@heimdall:/home/jason/smf% svcs boot-config STATE STIME FMRI online Mar_23 svc:/system/boot-config:default … Continue reading

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How to check the size of the ZFS ARC and L2ARC

  ZFS Fun Fact The ZFS ARC is the Adaptive Replacement Cache. There is a simply way check the size of the cache on any OpenIndiana, Solaris, OpenSolaris, or Nexenta system. Simply run the following command as root or equivalent … Continue reading

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Creating USB boot media on OpenIndiana or Solaris for OpenIndiana

Today I was rather irritated with the USB build instructions for OpenIndiana. Someone had taken the time to write excellent directions for the Mac but didn’t write anything for Solaris, Opensolaris, or OpenIndiana. I thought this might be useful for … Continue reading

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All About Adaptec Arcconf, ZFS, and OpenIndiana

This is a quick article about using Adaptec RAID controllers with OpenIndiana. In this case, I am using an Adaptec 5805. The driver appears to handle hardware based raid as well as JBOD. This is an improvement over the Oracle … Continue reading

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ZFS: How to check disk based write cache status

  One of my OpenIndiana origin servers suddenly starting writing very slowly. The cause is still under investigation. One thing I wanted to verify was that the on-board disk write cache was enabled which is required for ZFS to do … Continue reading

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Adjusting disk time outs on errors

Here is very interesting post about adjusting disk time outs to minimize disk subsystem brown outs on your favorite OpenIndiana, Solaris, Nexenta based system. The techniques describe can be applied to SATA drives as well, as it boils down to … Continue reading

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How enable or install xVNC on OpenIndiana 148

VNC comes in at least two forms for Unix/OpenIndiana/Solaris/Linux/etc. It can run as a user process after you have logged into the xserver, or xVNC can run out of the super server (inetd/xinetd etc). The pros to the VNC option … Continue reading

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