Reconfiguring OI/Solaris 11 for full reboot instead of Fast Reboot

Buried deep in the repository is an entry named ‘boot-config.’ This control how your system reboots when you type ‘reboot.’ Sounds simple right? Good.

The svcs(1) reports the service as follows:

jason@heimdall:/home/jason/smf% svcs boot-config
online Mar_23 svc:/system/boot-config:default

The rub for me was that my Intel SR2625 (S5520UR) based servers will not reboot properly with the default setting — of course it is set for “fast reboot.” Fast reboot basically allows Solaris to restart in place without resetting the motherboard and starting from scratch. This is both fast and efficient, if it works. The problem for me is, it just didn’t work. The systems would start to boot OI but then spit out some messages about 32bit address space and that’s where the joy stopped.

NOTICE: unsupported 32-bit IO address on pci-pci bridge

32-bit IO address not supported

The work around for me was to tell OpenIndiana how to reboot to avoid this problem. It simply involves flipping a boolean object to true. Below is the diff.

jason@heimdall:/home/jason/smf% gdiff boot-config.dist.smf boot-config.smf
< <propval name='fastreboot_default' type='boolean' value='true'/>

This is a one line change. Simply feed that back into the repo and your system will completely restart by resetting the bios and come all the way. If this makes sense to you, feel free to stop reading. The balance of the article goes into the mechanics of how to update the repo.

First, dump the boot-config entry to a file.

root@heimdall:/home/jason/smf# svccfg export boot-config > /tmp/boot-config.smf

Now edit the forementioned line. Then push the update back into the repo as follows:

% svccfg verify /tmp/boot-config.smf
% svccfg import /tmp/boot-config.smf

Voila! You are now set for fast reboot.

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6 Responses to Reconfiguring OI/Solaris 11 for full reboot instead of Fast Reboot

  1. A Hettinger says:

    I hope this didn’t eat too much of your time, because I did know it (I’ve been running an almost identical board for some time now). I’ve beed working on an AI setup myself, and this has been one of the things I made sure was disabled by default first.

    Does anyone know why this board likes to hang on fast-reboot?

  2. Hello,

    have you tried:
    # reboot -p


  3. Roger Fujii says:

    uh… why didn’t you just use the documented way instead of editing the xml files?

    (obviously, you have to use “false” as the value)

    (yes, it’s under SPARC, but same thing applies to x86)

    • Well, first I would like to point out that the “documented way” edits the xml files as well.

      Beyond that, at the time, I couldnt find documentation on fastreboot. The “documented way” does not outline how to disable fast reboot for panics. The only reason I know these are different is because I read the definition in the xml file.

      at the end of the day, a rose by an other name smells just as sweet.

    • The xml filese can be backed up, checked into a repo like git or cvs and provide for a reproducible process.


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