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Intel 910 SSD ZFS benchmark results on OpenIndiana 151a1 for 8k IOPs using filebench and pgbench

These are the benchmark results of my testing the Intel 910 with pgbench and filebench. The test parameters are outlined in each run. For file filebench, the size of the file was set to 20GB, with primary cache disable and … Continue reading

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Using HPN OpenSSH to flee the roach motel (AWS)

I have a number of sharded databases in AWS (aka the roach motel). Since our experience has been one marked by instability, high variability amongst instances, and AWS related mishaps we are eager to out. One might think it is … Continue reading

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ZFS: How to check disk based write cache status

  One of my OpenIndiana origin servers suddenly starting writing very slowly. The cause is still under investigation. One thing I wanted to verify was that the on-board disk write cache was enabled which is required for ZFS to do … Continue reading

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The Art of Parallelization with GNU xargs and pssh

As you can imagine, running a for() loop on 1000+ systems is fraught with potential issues and is very very slow. Running commands in parallel greatly speeds things up and keeps normal network time outs from bringing your work to … Continue reading

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