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Resolving slow ssh login performance problems on OpenIndiana

For some time my production systems have been plagued with intermittent slow login performance over ssh. In day to day operations, it was rarely an issue, except for a couple of zones where it was always persistent. It really seemed … Continue reading

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Intel 910 SSD ZFS benchmark results on OpenIndiana 151a1 for 8k IOPs using filebench and pgbench

These are the benchmark results of my testing the Intel 910 with pgbench and filebench. The test parameters are outlined in each run. For file filebench, the size of the file was set to 20GB, with primary cache disable and … Continue reading

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Crucial M4 SSD SMART failure detection

Crucial/Micron is kind enough to trigger a SMART failure in their M4 SSD drives when they reach about 88% of their wear level. This metric is tracked in ID #202. The precise measurement they appear to be using is a … Continue reading

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Using vlan tagging with OpenIndiana and Juniper switches

Setting up VLANs with OpenIndiana is shockingly simple. I will show you how to do it. My environment already uses link aggregated groups (LAGs). I use Juniper EX4200 switches set up in virtual switch(es). The two gigE links from the … Continue reading

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Intel 910 SSD compatibility issues with other LSI mpt2 based products – Part I

I purchased an Intel 910 SSD to validate the device before deployment in my production environment. I was shocked to discover that it would not play nice with my LSI 2003, 2008, 2308 based cards. LSI is the reference point … Continue reading

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ZFS: Performance Tuning for Scrubs and Resilvers

My environment is write heavy. I have hundreds of millions of phones sending me events continously. They are like billions and billions of star like bubbles invading my spinning rust. Consequently, when a disk fails or takes on excessive CRC … Continue reading

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Reconfiguring OI/Solaris 11 for full reboot instead of Fast Reboot

Buried deep in the repository is an entry named ‘boot-config.’ This control how your system reboots when you type ‘reboot.’ Sounds simple right? Good. The svcs(1) reports the service as follows: jason@heimdall:/home/jason/smf% svcs boot-config STATE STIME FMRI online Mar_23 svc:/system/boot-config:default … Continue reading

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Los Hicimos! We Did It! We broke the bonds of Amazon (AWS, EC2)

Moving out of Amazon is no small feat. After a couple of months preparation we finally moved out of Amazon Web Services ([AWS], aka. the Roach Motel) on December 12th, 2011. And not a moment too soon. In the end, … Continue reading

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How to PXE Boot Systems on LACP (802.3ad) using Juniper Switches

The real trick here is that Juniper supports an option called ‘force-up.’ Since the PXE images are generally too small and dumb most operating system are unable to leverage LACP during the boot process. Historically this means the switch has … Continue reading

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How to configure Time-Slider/autosnap without using the GUI

This is a straight forward process with a twist. The twist is setting an un-obvious ZFS property. Here are the highlights: Configure Snapshot Properties in SMF repo Set super secret ZFS property to enable snapshots Enable related services Voila! Okay, … Continue reading

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