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How to check the size of the ZFS ARC and L2ARC

  ZFS Fun Fact The ZFS ARC is the Adaptive Replacement Cache. There is a simply way check the size of the cache on any OpenIndiana, Solaris, OpenSolaris, or Nexenta system. Simply run the following command as root or equivalent … Continue reading

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Creating USB boot media on OpenIndiana or Solaris for OpenIndiana

Today I was rather irritated with the USB build instructions for OpenIndiana. Someone had taken the time to write excellent directions for the Mac but didn’t write anything for Solaris, Opensolaris, or OpenIndiana. I thought this might be useful for … Continue reading

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Creating automated installer for OpenIndiana 151

After a brief consultation from Joshua Clulow via the OI discussion mail list i was able to build an automated installer (AI) image using Clulows XML config file. Here is how I did it. root@heimdall:~# pkg install install/distribution-constructor curl -k … Continue reading

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OpenIndiana doesn’t recognize system_locale in sysidcfg when creating zones

Using openindiana 151, I found that it blatantly ignores my sysidcfg config files complaining that system_locale wasnt valid. The work around is simple. Remove system_locale from sysidcfg altogether. The system will happily create the zone, skip kdmconfig, and the dreaded … Continue reading

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How to make Intel server boards shut the f* up

I recently took possession of some sample servers based on an Intel S5520R motherboard as part of the SR2625URLX chassis SKU. I outfitted it with an RMM3 and when I powered the thing on it blew all of its fans … Continue reading

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Using HPN OpenSSH to flee the roach motel (AWS)

I have a number of sharded databases in AWS (aka the roach motel). Since our experience has been one marked by instability, high variability amongst instances, and AWS related mishaps we are eager to out. One might think it is … Continue reading

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