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Intel SSD 710 Endurance Results & SSD Rants by Artur Bergman

  Here is some leaked data on the new Intel 710 SSD. It is good news for those using hybrid storage pools such ZFS like those available on OpenIndiana, Solaris, and Nexenta. If your pockets are deep enough you could … Continue reading

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All About Adaptec Arcconf, ZFS, and OpenIndiana

This is a quick article about using Adaptec RAID controllers with OpenIndiana. In this case, I am using an Adaptec 5805. The driver appears to handle hardware based raid as well as JBOD. This is an improvement over the Oracle … Continue reading

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ZFS: How to check disk based write cache status

  One of my OpenIndiana origin servers suddenly starting writing very slowly. The cause is still under investigation. One thing I wanted to verify was that the on-board disk write cache was enabled which is required for ZFS to do … Continue reading

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